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Waterskiing. Wakeboarding. Sightseeing. Relaxing. There’s no limit to what these 60 degree D.I. V-4s can handle. They’ve got torque to spare, and thanks to D.I., you’ll also have fuel to spare, saving you time and operating costs. And peace of mind comes not only from our industry-best three-year, non-declining, limited warranty, which offers you full protection throughout the warranty period, but from the durability, quality and reliability built into every Evinrude®

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Smooth, dry ride, extreem fishability. Whether you venture far offshore im pursuit of billfish or prowl coatsal waters in search of Redfish. Triton has an inovative saltwater boat for you! Choose from the hot performance of our LightTtackle Series the the velvet-smooth ride of the Center Consoles and Walkarounds.

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Minn Kota is the manufacturer of quality electric trolling motors & marine accessories. Wherever you want to go, Minn Kota has the guts to take you there!

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Power-Pole takes the hassle out of shallow water and flats fishing. Power-Pole extends up to six feet below the surface to penetrate the bottom using a durable composite spike. You stop quicker and quieter and fish  sooner. You catch more fish!

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Mister Twister is home of the original soft plastic Curly Tail Grub. There is a difference in soft plastic fishing lures. Fisherman using Mister Twister products prove it every day by Catching More Fish More Often! Mister Twister is also the  home of Mister Twister Exude, the only lure actually made from fish food. Exude lures are the lures that say, "Bite Me!" Whether you fish fresh water or salt water there is something here for you. Bookmark us and stop back often.

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PowerPro® with Enhanced Body Technology™ (EBT) gives you awesome handling performance on any size reel. Unlike the older style braided lines, fishing with PowerPro is as easy as fishing with monofilament. Yet PowerPro doesn't bury in the spool, and casts long and smooth -- even after a hard strike. Spectra® Fiber is composed of polyethylene, a very slick plastic; in fact about the only material slicker than polyethylene is Teflon. PowerPro with Enhanced Body Technology results in a rounder and smoother line than any of the other braided lines available today, and is gentler on rod guides than older Spectra® fiber braids!

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Experience the awesome artwork of one of the world's most talented and learned artists in the marine industry. Carey relies on his extensive experience at sea and his unique use of colors to capture even the minute of details yielding some of the most powerful and realistic scenes ever created on canvas.

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Durable and shock absorbent, SeaDek provides not only an exceptional traction surface but also lessens the fatigue brought on from prolonged standing and working on hard decking and platforms. SeaDek also protects your deck from scratching, chipping and dents. Fisherman will appreciate SeaDek's noise reducing qualities.

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Owner's revolutionary triple-edge CUTTING POINTR hook is what put the Owner name and its product line on the map. The unique, patented hook        design is led by a needle sharp point, and as the hook begins to penetrate, the  resistance actually decreases as the three edges cut their way through for an instant, positive hook set. While   other hook manufacturers claim their hooks to be sharp, or sharpest, Owner CUTTING POINTR hooks      are the only hooks designed to penetrate. Check our ON-LINE CATALOG for more details about our full line of super-sharp fresh and saltwater hooks.

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Hook & TackleR Outfitters is America's premier authentic outdoor, nautical and sportfishing apparel company. Innovative designs and quality craftsmanship combine to offer true function and superior comfort.

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